Computer Crash - Website on Hold

Recently after installing a driver on my PC, Windows 7 64-bit decided it had enough. The software made my system come to a crawl, taking 5 minutes to do things that would only take a few seconds. I uninstalled it, did a system restore, ran the Windows fix tools, etc. - but in the end I was forced to reinstall Windows.

I backed-up my most recent files on a partition on my hard drive thinking they were safe during the reinstall. The Windows restore/install partition decided to delete that partition and add the space to my main partition, reformat my main partition, and installed a fresh copy of Windows.

I ended up losing everything that wasn't backed up for a couple of months. I had several new game trainers I was set to release soon, some new tutorials I was working on, and such; however, that will not be happening as they were all deleted.

To be honest I am not even sure my basic trainer template/skeleton was backed-up. The last time I did back-up my PC I ran out of DVDs so many things did not get backed-up. With all the time and effort that went into making my trainer template if I did lose it, I will not be making a new one.

Long story short - Windows crashed and many of my files were not backed-up, this site is now on hold, and only time will tell if this site simply becomes abandoned as I will most likely have to recreate all my files/programs/etc. again.