ASCII GCTB - Game Cheat Text Builder v1.10 Software Release

ASCII GCTB - "Game Cheat Text Builder"
Version 1.10  Released 12/12/2011
Copyright (C) 2011 t2Eservo
GNU GPL free software

While getting my game cheats ready for public release I searched for a NFO text builder with limited results. I decided to build my own program, and after nearly a month of work it is done.

ASCII GCTB is aimed at creating game cheat NFO files; however, is suited to creating any text file (NFO, DIZ, or TXT) with ease. The program uses multiple inputs, edit boxes, templates, project files, and a coding syntax to allow creating any design needed.

To help make cheat releases faster a button labeled File Data will set many of the input text fields for you automatically, including the MD5 hash. Select the game file (EXE or any format) and it will gather all available data.

Also included is a archive package tool that creates 7z, TAR, or ZIP compressed files. Simply browse and add files to the list, select your settings, and create the archive. Settings include a ZIP comment (with coding syntax), password, compression level, and more. Archives are created using the open source 7-Zip program.

The program comes with a extensive help file, view it inside the program Help tab, and several example project and template files. When the program is first started it will load the Example1 project to help get you started.

The included examples show the different alignment, width, input types, and coding that are available. The Example4 project creates a text resume to show how easy it is to create any text file. The Example6 template demonstrates design freedom. The others show creating a cheat release NFO with the numerous program options.

ASCII GCTB is released as GNU GPL free software, and the source files are included with all downloads. GCTB was created using the freeware AutoIt version program scripting language.

Compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit systems: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.

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The program is available with a Installer/Uninstaller, or as a ZIP that is portable and perfect for thumb/flash drives or custom installation.

No spyware, toolbars, adware, or such are in my program - scan with the programs of your choice to verify.

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A view of all the program tabs.

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