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I have been creating game cheats off and on for many years. Most are scattered around with a few usernames I used in the past and such so I left them as they are, the ones listed here are my recent efforts. Lately I have gotten back into the hobby of making PC cheats and thought creating a blog of my hobby would help others as well.

My tutorials cover my experiences and should provide some help to other game hackers/cheaters. While in the process, also creating some great cheats for other gamer's to enjoy.

So look around my site and follow along with my progress in game hacking. If you have any questions or areas you would like me to cover contact me and let me know.


Q: Can you make cheats for my game?
A: View my Cheats Request page for details and a basic form to use to contact me. This will ensure any cheats created will work with your game.

Q: How do I use your trainers or Cheat Engine tables?
A: Download the one for your game and unzip/unrar the files. Start your game then press the keyboard keys ALT-TAB. Run the trainer or load the table in Cheat Engine. Select the cheats you want and then go back to your game and enjoy.

For more specific information read the included text file that came with the trainer or CE table.

Q: My virus scanner says the file is infected, is it?
A: The answer is NO if you download directly from my blog or got CE from their website. Many virus scanners will detect (false positive) any cheat tool or trainer as a virus/ trojan/ malware/ etc. as they allow cheating by editing other software memory and such.

To truly know if the file is infected simply scan the program/file with a reputable online virus scanner. These two seem to be the most recommended VirusScan.Jotti.org and VirusTotal.com. You can find a larger list of online virus scanners at AlternativeTo.net.

Read more about this problem at CheatEngine.org, or do a search with Google.

Q: Can I share/use your tutorials, files, etc?
A: Yes, you are free to share, copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt my work including for commercial usage - as long as attribution (credit) is given.

Creative Commons License
All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License unless otherwise noted. A
ttribution is done by giving credit to t2Eservo and a link to this website http://t2eservo.blogspot.com/

Q:How can I help?
A:You can let me know of any new websites to add to my links page, inform me of any dead links on my posts/files/sites, or make a donation to help me get more games.

If you find something that I need to update/add contact me, and thanks I appreciate the help.

Q: How do I get started making game cheats?
A: Download the newest version of Cheat Engine, and read the included help file and follow along with the tutorial. You can find more help on the Cheat Engine forum, and be sure to read/try the tutorial section as well. Above all get the CE program and simply use it – you will only get better by actually trying.

Q: What does your alias/avatar mean?
A: My alias is a variation of two characters from the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). Crow which was often said as T. Crow and Tom Servo, I took the T and changed the period to the ASCII period code 2E and added Servo.

Keeping with that my avatar/logo is my gumball machine variation that I drew, in Adobe Photoshop with my drawing tablet, of Tom Servo.