Game Cheats

Below are my available game cheats, game trainers and Cheat Engine tables. Listed under the trainer and CE table is the typical + digit to tell you how many cheats are available.

The tested game version is also listed, as many cheats will only work with the specific game version, but depending on the game they may work with a different version too.

The Cheat Engine tables are convenient, easy to use, help new game hackers learn (and to follow along with my Tutorials), and as they are tables no worrying about viruses/false positives/or other problems.

* If your game is not listed you can send me a Cheat Request, view my Trainer links for trainers at other sites, and more Cheat Engine tables are available at the CE website and on the CE forum. If you enjoy my cheats, or you want to help, you can make a donation.

Last updated Oct 6, 2014.