Cheat Requests

Notice -- I will not make cheats for online, multiplayer, flash, or similar games or modes. I only create cheats for Windows/DOS games that are for a single player - offline play.

Anyone who contacts me without a cheat request form as given and explained below will be ignored. Send me the form filled out the best you can and if needed I'll contact you for more details.

Cheat Requests

I create cheats as a hobby itself (it's fun and challenging), as well as playing the games of course.

My favorites are the older games (especially DOSBox games), indie (small game developer) games, and free/open source games. I like many different genres of games, as such my cheats cover a wide spectrum.

As there are countless games to be played, and more released daily, odds are you have game that needs cheats; however, due to time restrictions and limited funds to purchase the games I can't promise I'll be able to make cheats for all games requested.

Although, any cheat request I receive will be added to my list of games to create cheats for. If you would like to help, you can Donate (GOG gift, Amazon gift card, PayPal, Steam gift, etc.) and the donated games/money will be used to create cheats.

While I appreciate any donations, as the cost of games gets expensive, a donation is not necessary for me to create cheats for the game you request.

Once you complete a Request form (as given and explained below) send your cheat request to me from my Contact page. I will contact you with your e-mail address (as given in the contact form) if additional details are needed, for you test the cheats, and let you know when they available on my site.

Example Request

In the box bellow is a example request for the newest game I purchased from GOG. I would suggest you copy the request and paste it into Notepad and change the information for your game.

Most of the data in the request is straight forward, but here are a few things that need some explanation. The Details is to list what/where the game came from - for example if it is a demo, shareware, GOG or Steam version, or a special version (like Gold or Ultimate).

If you have downloaded and applied any Updates/Mods/Patches to your game let me know which ones you did. In the following field Update Details list download link(s), versions, the order they were installed, and other details - take as much space as you need.

Cheats Requested is a small list of what cheats you really want/need. I will create as many cheats possible for the game (for example some have over 20 cheats), but some games really are hard/time consuming to make cheats.

Cheat type is do you prefer a CE (Cheat Engine newest version) table, a file of cheats/scripts loaded by CE - or a individual trainer program.

Lastly when listing where to purchase/download the game give the link to where you actually got it. As the same game from Steam, GOG, authors website, file/forum website, or magnet link -- will most times all provide different versions of the same game and all will need different cheats.

Hello - Cheat Request,

Game: Terraria
Company: Re-Logic
Details: GOG Retail/Full Version
Updates/Mods/Patches: None
Update Details: None

Released: May 16, 2011 (August 18, 2014)
GAME.EXE Size: 3.79 MB (3883 KB)
Where purchased/download:

Cheats Requested: Life(health), Breath(underwater), Light/torch
Cheat type: CE Table

Gamers Name

To get all the details for your game (to ensure the cheats will work for you) there are several places to find the data. Look at the game file (EXE), the game itself in the main menu, the website you downloaded/purchased it from, and any text/doc/pdf files that came with it.

First open the game's directory and select the main game program file (EXE). In the image the game file is selected in the folder directory. Most times if you hover the mouse over the file it will give you additional details. It will list the file size in KB.
Right-click the game file and select Properties and you see this window. Click the Details tab to display the information you need - version, date modified (game released date), and usually the company in the copyright details.
Other times you will have to get the information from the game itself. For example the version of your game is often shown in the title bar of the games window, or at the main screen.
Don't forget to check where you bought and downloaded the game, as it can give details not in the game itself.

Request Somewhere Else

As I do this by myself and have a full-time job feel free to request elsewhere too. Try requesting your cheats from other sites as well, here are some ideas of where to request. Check the game developers website for a forum, one of the many gaming forums, or direct from the Cheat Engine forum - at their Single Player Cheat Request.

You can find site links and other websites on my Links page.