New PC Game Cheating Blog Online

As the title says I have started my own blog for my PC game trainers, Cheat Engine tables, tutorials on game hacking, and everything else.

The site went online November 10, 2011 and just a few days into it I nearly have the site fully operational. There are some things to do, ideally get my trainers redone with my new alias and put onto my site, and finish the last page (my About/FAQ).

Right now all my trainers and CE tables are for single player games, i.e. offline, but perhaps I will get into making cheats for online games as well. I have created several game bots in the past for online games like those found at

I must admit I am not a big fan of multiplayer game cheating, although I created some cheats years ago for Battlefield 1942 and the Delta Force series. With multiplayer cheats it just depends on what the cheat is/does more than anything else.

So be sure to subscribe with the buttons in the right column and check back to my blog, as I have many great cheats and tutorials for all types of cheaters to come.


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