Starting the Cheat Engine Tutorial for 3D Pinball

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can not complete one of the CE included tutorials in the help file. The tutorial is called 3D pinball for windows (pointer+code). The same is true for anyone following other cheat tutorials for 3D Pinball as well.

If you have either Windows version you know why, 3D Pinball (aka Space Cadet, and Microsoft Pinball) has been removed from Windows.

Originally I found how to solve the problem at the Microsoft support forum; however, a Google search now will give you the same answer. Getting 3D Pinball for Windows Vista or 7 can be done by downloading the ported 3D Pinball version from

Or if you are a more hands on type of person with 3D Pinball for Windows XP, there are numerous sites with instructions on how to port the game yourself from a Google search. I can't comment which if any provide the best results as I downloaded the ported version.

I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and the ported game works perfectly. Following the Cheat Engine tutorial is no problem, other than different memory addresses than listed (Which it would be anyway).

Bottom line - if you have a cheating tutorial for 3D Pinball and have Windows Vista or 7, download the game from (no spyware/nags/toolbars/or crap).


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