Spelunky v1.1 CE Table +3 Cheats

CE (Cheat Engine) table released for the PC game Spelunky version 1.1, the game author is Derek Yu. The game is open source/freeware and available from the Spelunky websiteFilePlanet.com, and Games.On.Net

CE Table Cheats
  • Health
  • Bombs
  • Rope

CE Table Download Link 1

I have also wrote a tutorial on making cheats for the Spelunky game. Includes finding cheats, pointer scanning, tips on additional cheats, and much more. The tutorial is available in the Tutorials section of my blog, or at this direct link.

It's a great tutorial for new game hackers, learning more about pointers, or making your own cheats or trainer for the Spelunky game.


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