Giana's Return v1.001 Trainer +11 Cheat Options

Trainer released for the PC game Giana's Return version 1.001. The game is open source/freeware and available from the Giana's Return website.

The trainer has 11 cheats (listed below), and will work on any PC system with Windows 2000 or newer.

I compressed/packed my trainer to save on file size, and to provide very basic protection of my work. As such some virus scanners may give false positives, so just ignore the warnings, or check the file with a online virus scanner yourself.

VirusTotal reports only two false positives (both packed file warnings) from forty-three virus scanners. Here is the virus report for the trainer from

Available Trainer Cheats
  • 99 Rubies
  • Armored Giana
  • Bonus Timer
  • Bouncing Shot (Fireballs)
  • Homing Shot (Fireballs)
  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Lives
  • Punky Giana
  • Regular Shot (Fireballs)
  • Stage Timer
  • Super Jumps

Giana's Return +11 Trainer Download Link 1 Link 2

If you need any help starting the trainer read the included files. They have instructions for basic usage, steps to get around your anti-virus software if needed, and more.


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