The Spelunky v1.1 Tutorial Series is Finished

I have completed the five part tutorial series for the PC video game Spelunky v1.1. Here is a look at the finished trainers created in the series. In order, they were made with Game Trainer Studio (GTS) v2.0, Cheat Engine (CE) v6.1, AutoIt v3.3.8.0, and FreeBASIC v0.23.0.

*Updated 01/16/2012

There was a lot of work done to create the tutorials, in which I included instructions for game hackers and cheaters of any skill level. All the tutorials include several screenshots, program links, source code, and downloads of my project files.

I hope you learn something from the tutorials, as I doubt I will do another series anytime soon that was as involved and so complete in the images/instructions/etc.

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Here are the links of the tutorial series, enjoy.

Spelunky Tutorial Series
  1. Game Cheating Tutorial
  2. GTS Trainer Tutorial
  3. Cheat Engine Trainer Tutorial
  4. AutoIt Trainer Tutorial
  5. FreeBASIC Trainer Tutorial


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